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> On Fri, 2009-04-03 at 16:10 +0530, sandeep gupta wrote:
> > Thanks Srinivasa,
> >
> > I don't have sqlite3 command my system. I dont know any idea about SQL
> > databases.
> > is that Outbox file in home profile is in sql database format?
> Its the summary which is in sqlite3 db. What you verified is the mbox
> file. It may have mails, which are deleted etc. The summary would help
> you get it.

I don't see any other option. unless you are willing to write some C

> code.

  Thanks Srini, I can right C code, even can do some modification in
evolution source code.

Can you suggest me is there any file which contains pending unsent message
information in user profile.

Other way I thinking to make temporary log file from the evolution source
code when there is any pending unsent mails.
 and read that file for unsent mail pending status.
Even I don't any idea of evolution source code so I prefer to get this
information from user's home profile folder.

> -Srini
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