On Tue, 2009-08-04 at 15:32 +0530, Chenthill wrote:
> Most of the work will be going on in master to get the ported pieces
> stable after branching. So when 2.29.1 comes out on oct 28 with these
> changes, we can assure some stability.
> Branching for 2.28 will be done on Aug 11th immediately after the UI
> freeze/2.27.90 release. I will send out another mail after branching so
> that developers ensure the relevant patches are committed to both 2.28
> branch and master.

I would also like to ask the Evolution -and- Anjal developers to be very
conservative about committing to the Evolution and Evolution-Data-Server
'master' branch after we create the 'gnome-2-28' branch.

Every commit to 'master' creates more work for those who are trying to
get their feature branch ready to merge.  At least for me it's becoming
increasingly painful to keep 'kill-bonobo' in sync with 'master' because
the branches have diverged so far.

Please either hold off on commits until 'eds-dbus' and 'kill-bonobo' are
merged, or else commit your patch to the feature branch first, then to
'master', and then to 'gnome-2-28' (if appropriate).  In other words,
commit to the bleeding edge first and then backport.

Matthew Barnes

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