I am a security researcher at Queen's University in Canada.
We are working on a model based intelligent fuzzer for text
based protocols and data files. One of the file formats
we were looking at was iCalendar file format. We are trying
to build an earlier version of Evolution (2.6.0) that had several
bugs. However wee have run into a few problems.

We installed ubuntu 6.06 on a machine (Evolution 2.6.1) and
downloaded Evolution client 2.6.0 source code. The idea was
to compile only the 2.6.0 client (with the bug) and use
the rest of the installed system.

As confiuration:
1) we set PKG_CONFIG_PATH to "/usr/lib/pkgconfig:/home/benkam/ evolution/lib/pkgconfig"

2) we added /home/benkam/evolution/lib/bonobo/servers to /etc/bonobo- activation

3) used ./configure --prefix=/home/benkam/evolution

make followed by make install seems to produce a complete working install of the Evolution 2.6.0 client in the /home/benkam/evolution directory. The about reports 2.6.0. However the bugs did not seem to be reproducable. We inserted some tracing calls into several key files that are compiled into the evolution libraries. After rebuilding and reinstalling, the trace output did not appear, leading us to believe that the 2.6.1 libraries are being called from the globally installed

Could anyone give any pointers to what we we did wrong, and how we can get
a local 2.6.0 copy running?

Many thanks...


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