I am a security researcher at Queen's University in Canada.
> We are working on a model based intelligent fuzzer for text
> based protocols and data files. One of the file formats
> we were looking at was iCalendar file format. We are trying
> to build an earlier version of Evolution (2.6.0) that had several
> bugs. However wee have run into a few problems.
> We installed ubuntu 6.06 on a machine (Evolution 2.6.1) and
> downloaded Evolution client 2.6.0 source code. The idea was
> to compile only the 2.6.0 client (with the bug) and use
> the rest of the installed system.
But are you sure you want to compile only the client. I would have thought
that you need to have all the components (especially the
evolution-data-server) the same version. Why not uninstall all the packages
that come with Ubuntu and compile all the 2.6.0 packages.

Just a thought ....

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