On Sat, 2009-09-12 at 20:23 -0400, alex...@optonline.net wrote:
> To the evolution team, 
> I wanted to say thank you for putting together an awesome mail
> program. I have been using it for a few years and will never use or
> support Microsoft outlook again.
> Now, i have a few questions that i can't seem to find the answers
> online. I have a htc pro 2 pda phone. I need to sync my pda with
> evolution. 
> Questions:
> 1) is there a plugin to use to detect the pda?

I believe the latest roadmap says Evo intends to integrate with
I haven't played with OpenSync much.

> 2) did you have a forum with users like myself? 


> 3) will you design a third party software to help sync contacts and
> calander?

There is a connector for Evolution to Funambol I believe.  What do you
want to sync with?

> Thank you so much and keep up the fine work you guys do. What a great
> product.

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