Hi all;  I reconstituted my makefile for building Evo from scratch, and
I'm building from the latest gnome-2.28 GIT branch.

I'm seeing pretty common core dumps, all of which have the same

#0  0x00007f49a9ddab0a in __xmlParserInputBufferCreateFilename 
 enc=XML_CHAR_ENCODING_NONE) at ../../libxml2/xmlIO.c:2521
2521                if (((z_stream *)context)->avail_in > 4) {

Looking into this, it appears that when we're trying to find the right
context for this URI the code is choosing the xmlGzfileOpen method, even
though this file is NOT compressed.  The value we get back in context is
not NULL, but it's not a valid pointer either; the value varies quite a
bit actually.

I don't really know how this is happening; the code doesn't look wrong
to me but definitely the value of "i" here (iterating through
xmlInputCallbackTable) is 1, which is the compressed input method:

(gdb) p xmlInputCallbackTable[i].opencallback
$2 = (xmlInputOpenCallback) 0x7f49a9dd8eaa <xmlGzfileOpen>

which it shouldn't be.  Very confusing.

I wonder if I have a library version mismatch issue.

Anyone have any thoughts/tips/pointers?

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