On Thu, 2009-10-15 at 12:07 -0400, Reid Thompson wrote:
> I've been building 2.28 using the previously posted modified by someone
> else for git version of the makefile.  My last build was Oct 10, as of
> yesterday I think the only diffs since then were translations.  Evo's
> been running fine for me.  If you'll post me the new makefile, i'll try
> to get a build with it and see if there's any issues on my box.

I sent an announcement to evolution-list but I think I used the wrong
address so it's hung up waiting for approval :-/.

I'll send you the makefile.  I really whacked the hell out of it trying
to get Evo 2.28 building on Ubuntu 8.04, which is pretty old...
eventually I got tired of adding packages to be rebuilt and gave up.  I
have it working on Ubuntu 9.04 but I think I still have library version
mismatches: building on Ubuntu 9.04 requires a newer libxml2... but
almost everything links with libxml2 and I didn't want to rebuild
"almost everything"; that means that some of the shared libraries I link
with expect the older libxml2 and some (the ones I rebuilt) expect the
newer one.  I suspect this is the cause of my pain here.

I might just wait a few weeks for Ubuntu 9.10 to be released, which
officially supports Evo 2.28, and should resolve at least this issue.

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