On Mon, 2009-12-07 at 12:37 -0600, Jonathon Jongsma wrote:
> Quick follow-up to this: I was convinced by a couple of people that
> we'd
> probably want EAlert to be a GObject, so I bit the bullet and just did
> it.  In addition, I factored out the convenience dialog functionality
> and created a GtkDialog subclass called EAlertDialog. This means that
> there are a couple additional changes since I wrote this mail.  The
> most
> important ones for developers and plugin authors:
> - e_alert_free() no longer exists.  use g_object_unref()
> - to use the dialog functionality, include e-alert-dialog.h rather
> than
> just e-alert.h
> - e_alert_new_dialog() -> e_alert_dialog_new()
> Also, there's one little picky cleanup that I snuck in along with
> those
> changes.  e_alert_newv() was renamed to e_alert_new_valist() to be
> more
> consistent with other API in glib (e.g. g_object_newv() takes an array
> and a length vs g_object_new_valist() which takes a va_list)
> Evolution, evolution-mapi and evolution-exchange should all be
> up-to-date with these changes in git.  If you have a plugin that's
> out-of-tree, it may need to be updated.

if i wished to attempt to update evolution-remove-duplicates to git head

is there an up to date example for plugins
which of the current plugins would best serve as a reference

evolution-remove-duplicates added an item to the right click menu that
checked for duplicates within selected emails -- i.e. select a folder,
CTRL-A, right click, select remove duplicates,...
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