On Tue, 2009-12-08 at 08:47 +0530, Johnny Jacob wrote:
> > I vaguely remembered that you have to use the Exchange server IP
> > address, not hostname (lame!!) so I tried that and I did get it to
> > connect without crashing this time (uber-lame!!)
> This crash seems to be a issue with the specific distro builds. In
> suse, this was solved with compiler flags such as -Bsymbolic (nasty!)

Odd.  If I build Evo myself from source (latest gnome-2.28 git branch
and/or latest master git branch) I don't have this problem: using the
FQDN works just fine (that's why I'd forgotten about needing to do

In addition to Evo and its parts, I'm also compiling gtkhtml, libsoup,
libxml2, and openchange from source.

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