On Fri, 2009-12-04 at 09:30 +0000, Ross Burton wrote:
> You installed evolution-data-server into a prefix that DBus doesn't
> know about, so it can't autostart the daemons. 

Huh.  Well, that could definitely be a major part of my problem :-)

The question is, isn't there any way to provide a local configuration to
d-bus, similar to the BONOBO_ACTIVATION_PATH in bonobo?

I looked and it seems that there's a local user dbus-daemon that's
started, but it still reads the system session.conf file.  And I looked
in the session.conf file and it includes session-local.conf which is
supposed to be what you customize, if you need to customize dbus
locally... but that file appears to be defined to live in /etc/dbus-1
and so it's not REALLY a per-user customizable file.

Is there nothing in dbus that lets the user configure things, without
requiring root privileges?


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