Hello !

Some time ago, I wrote an Evolution plugin which integrates in the
addressbook contact popup menu.

(It's a crude contact merger which can be found at

This plugin works in both evolution 2.26 and 2.28 ... However, I see
that the plugin hook I use "org.gnome.evolution.addressbook.popup:1.0"
has been removed in evolution 2.29 ! The
addressbook/gui/widgets/eab-popup.h header which used to define the
EABPopupTargetSelect type used for this hook has also been removed, as
well as the ipod-sync and the exchange-operations plugins which also
make use of this hook.

Does somebedody knows what's replacing this handy plugin hook ? Will it
still be possible to extend the contacts popup menu in Evolution 2.30 ?

Thank you for your answer !

Gilles Gagniard

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