On Thu, 2010-02-18 at 22:36 +0100, Gilles Gagniard wrote:
> Does somebedody knows what's replacing this handy plugin hook ? Will it
> still be possible to extend the contacts popup menu in Evolution 2.30 ?

Hi Gilles,

Evolution 2.30 will introduce some major architectural changes.  Among
which is the removal of the popup hooks in favor of a new type of hook
for extending menus and toolbars which integrates with GtkUIManager.

The exchange-operations plugin you mentioned has been moved to the
evolution-exchange package.  Take a look at the <ui-manager> tags in
org-gnome-exchange-operations.eplug.xml for some examples of how to use
EPluginUI.  If you're familiar with GtkUIManager and GtkActions, it's
fairly straight-forward.


As I have not yet written any formal documentation for EPluginUI, feel
free to ask me for help if you get stuck.

Matthew Barnes

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