On Sun, 2010-03-14 at 11:17 +0100, Robert Markula wrote:
> I see that Evolution (at least in 2.28.1) does not support the
> 'givenName' LDAP attribute when using an LDAP addressbook. This renders
> the use of LDAP-based addressbooks somehow useless, because (1) most
> other LDAP-Clients support this field and (2) Evolution can't write to
> an already present LDAP addressbook entry that contains this attribute.
> This is a real pity since Evolution is one of the few FOSS LDAP clients
> who can also write to LDAP.
> So I'd like to add support for the 'givenName' attribute, but since I'm
> new to Gnome/Evolution, I don't know which source files to edit. Any
> pointers/advices?

For starters, please file a bug about it:

LDAP code is in the 'ldap' backend in Evolution-Data-Server.

Matthew Barnes

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