Yesterday I had to configure a fresh Evolution installation, after a
long time I didn't, and I notice a number of, in my opinion, useless and
bloated options usefull just to confuse things in the "Preferences"
I'd like to discuss you about remove or at least improve some of those
settings management before provide patches (which I can write and submit

- "Enable Magic Spacebar" is quite incomprensible, perhaps a more rich
description is required.
If this option is disabled, do the behaviour of the spacebar conflicts
with the one when enabled (do has completely different behaviour)? If
not, I think this can be always enabled with no checkbox to turn on/off:
who uses the mentioned ability continues having no problems, those who
don't want it just don't press spacebar.

- is there any reason for which the tab "Automatic Contacts" is in "Mail
Preferences" section instead of "Contacts"?
It is really required to permit enabling/disabling sync with Pidgin, or
can this be done always? Is there any valid reason for which someone may
avoid integrate contacts between those applications?

- is the "Top Posting Option" really necessary? I know it is blamed by
all power-users, I know it is preferred by all low-end users, but really
cannot understand the need to put the signature also above the quoted

- can "Format messages in HTML" and "Automatically insert emoticon
images" be grouped together. The second has no meaning when the first is
not enabled, and moving all HTML enabled options in a well isolated
frame may help skip those details to people not interestend in flashy

Roberto -MadBob- Guido

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