On 4/21/10 7:47 AM, Roberto Guido wrote:

- is there any reason for which the tab "Automatic Contacts" is in "Mail
Preferences" section instead of "Contacts"?
It is really required to permit enabling/disabling sync with Pidgin, or
can this be done always? Is there any valid reason for which someone may
avoid integrate contacts between those applications?

I certainly needed this option a while ago. I had contacts multiplying all over the place, it seemed like more every time I launched Evo.

But if it is now guaranteed bug free I suppose it isn't needed.

- is the "Top Posting Option" really necessary? I know it is blamed by
all power-users, I know it is preferred by all low-end users, but really
cannot understand the need to put the signature also above the quoted

This is actually really nice. For mail clients that aren't completely stupid, they automatically remove everything below the signature from future quotes. This prevents building up email with the 5 MB reply trail.

Zan Lynx

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