Hi guys,

        I was reading calendar/gui/alarm-dialog/alarm-notify.c - trying (of
course) to work out why alarm delivery is apparently not working at all.

        I just committed some code enabling dbus threading - without which you
can quite happily use dbus from multiple threads, only it will crash and
burn very horribly. That seemed to fix a nasty race I was getting
whereby no alarms showed up at all.

        It might also help to undo:

static void
message_push (Message *msg)
        /* This used be pushed through the thread pool. This fix is made to 
        the crashers in dbus due to threading. The threading is not completely 
removed as
        its better to have alarm daemon running in a thread rather than 
blocking main thread.
         This is the reason the creation of thread pool is commented out */
        msg->func (msg);

        This sort of thing.

        I could also not see where the "Repeat" functionality (customize an
alarm, and select "Repeat the alarm" is setup - surely not on the e-d-s
side ? - do we still have it ?

        It was also a surprise to me to see the default setting for "create an
alarm 15 mins before each appointment" to be off - is that a
feature ? :-) it was unexpected.

        Finally - it seems some migration code went awry somewhere here, and
busted the "use systray" setting for the alarm daemon:




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