Hi everyone.

Presently, my company and it's associates are in the process of setting up an 
open source project to (among other things) integrate Evolution with the 
Kolab2 groupware server. The goal is to support as much of Evo's and Kolab's 
functionality as possible.
  We have searched the web for information on similar projects and so far 
found all of them in some kind of stasis or to be abandoned. In case we've 
overlooked something and there is active development going on somewhere in 
this regard, we'd be grateful to receive a pointer to the respective 
  We aim to create a project which has good chances to go upstream. Plans are 
to implement an E-D-S backend for Evo like the one for GroupWise. At the 
moment I'm tasked with collecting information on how to do it "the Evolution 
way" in order to improve the project's chances to go upstream.
  QA is one of the topics which will be stressed, so I was checking how unit 
testing is done within Evolution. Skimming through the sources of Evo 2.28.3, 
I found that there does not seem to be the "one specific way" of doing 
testing, hence I would be interested in getting to know whether there is a 
preferred way of doing (unit) testing.
  Connecting Evo and Kolab2 will most likely involve rather heavy use of 
LibCamel infrastructure. Which Evolution version we will concentrate on is not 
yet fixed, but reading the mailing list archives I found there is a lot of 
change due to happen within this library. Although we might settle upon the 
current stable Evolution (or even the Evolution version of some specific 
stable Linux version, for a start), we would like to keep in mind that the 
Camel API will change and internals like the type system will undergo some 
major transitions. We would therefore like to avoid to writing code which will 
be hard to port to newer Evo versions. Unfortunately, there does not seem to 
be a "new developer's guide" which lists the pitfalls to avoid when writing 
backend code for current stable versions of Evo which should later be ported 
painlessly to newer versions of Evo. It would be great to be pointed into the 
right directions here.

Questions galore - any helpful input will be kindly appreciated. :)

Best regards,

        Christian Hilberg

kernel concepts GbR        Tel: +49-271-771091-12
Sieghuetter Hauptweg 48    Fax: +49-271-771091-19
D-57072 Siegen             Mob: +49-176-21024535

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