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On Wednesday 26 May 2010 at 12:18:04 Michael Meeks wrote:
> Hi Christian,
> [...] 
>       It'd be better really to develop vs. master - from a support, testing,
> future-proofing, and ease-of-use perspective. Presumably it is possible
> to get you commit access to the repository so you can develop in the
> repository [ when some code has been reviewed ] - it sucks to be stuck
> out on a limb somewhere.

We'd surely like to commit to the Evo repo. We're in the plannings still, but 
it is a request from our customer that our results be made public under GPLv2, 
and if possible, be accessible via the upstream project repo.
  We have some skeleton code which mainly serves to explore the wonders of 
Evolution right now and which we will turn into production code at some point. 
We will be working on the code with - as per present plans - five active 
developers. We're using our own Git repo for now, but it would be good for us 
to know that you people are willing to host us later on (that is to satisfy 
our funder's requirement).
  We'll develop our Plugin in a way that it will be a standalone one, just the 
way evolution-mapi is. Presumably, we will name it evolution-kolab. Shouldn't 
be too hard to transfer our own Git repo to your site. Is that okay with you?

>       Anyhow - exciting to see this get underway; hopefully it can also be
> used as part of the Windows build - as a neat extra :-)

We'll try to be as portable as possible, but our main target is Linux for now. 
Using GLib and friends wherever possible should prevent us from being totally 
Linux-specific, though. :-)

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PS:     @Michael: sorry for the double posting, this should have gone to
        the list right away.

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