On Wed, 2010-07-14 at 17:37 +0530, chen wrote:
> ECalComponent - This holds the calendar event's data in Ical format. It
> wraps Icalcomponent, but has not completely wrapped the same. So both
> are used at places. ECalComponent is better to use as its a Gobject.
> ECalBackendSync - Abstract class from which you would need to subclass
> kolab backend. (http://live.gnome.org/Evolution/CalendarStore)

you said you want everything async, thus I agree with Ross, do not use
ECal/BookBackendSync, but rather ECal/BookBackend parents, and do
everything yourself (similar actions like ECal/BookBackendSync does,
only fully asynchronously). I plan to rewrite evolution-mapi backends to
be fully asynchronous. I'm not sure how it'll go and when I get to it,
but maybe you would get inspired, if it'll be as I hope it.

> ...
> http://www.go-evolution.org/EDS_Architecture - I find that its not there
> in lgo, will need to be migrated.

It's there, I'm not sure why it isn't shown up for you:


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