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> it is possible to store your own data in the kolab format [1] (Your own XML 
> Tags and binary mail attachments). So we could preserve the timezone 
> information from evolution iCalendar.
> But we still have the problem then that the time in some recurring events 
> could be shown different in kontact and evolution in winter or summer time 
> even if both clients are in the same time zone.
> Right now i see no acceptable workaround for this problem.


I'm at CalConnect XIX right now with various calendaring people,
lamenting (as we usually do) just how often people seem to think that
storing data in UTC means you can forget the timezone.

Is there any chance of fixing the Kolab format to include timezone
information?  It is an unfortunate breakage :-(

If you are able to extend the format please be aware that an offset from
UTC does not describe a timezone.  I am currently at 4 hours behind UTC,
but without knowing my latitude it would be impossible for you to say
with certainty when (exactly) the fourth instance from now of a weekly
repeating event would happen.

If you hold the UTC time + some kind of identification for the timezone
then there is probably usually sufficient information.

It is also unfortunate that there are no canonical timezone identifiers
at present, but for most people the Olson IDs are good enough.

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