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Kolab makes use of "RFC5464 - The IMAP METADATA Extension" IMAP folder 
annotations to differentiate between the various folder types which are 
handled by Kolab. Remember, anything (Email and PIM data) is stored as Email 
messages with XML attachments in IMAP folders within the Kolab context. This 
means, we have IMAP folders for Email, Calendars, Contacts, TODOs, Tasks and 
the like.
  Now, when creating a Kolab account, all of these folder types are generated 
on the server. There is at least one folder for each type, which is the 
default folder initially.
  From within Evolution, *only* the IMAP folder which is annotated "Email" 
should be visible and all others should be hidden, as their respective 
contents will be managed by the backends, not Evolution. Otherwise, users will 
be able to meddle with PIM data folders, which might result in disastrous 
situations on the server side.
  Is it possible to define certain IMAP folders as "hidden" from within our 
plugin's EPlugin part? Or is it possible to hide certain IMAP folders (and 
their subfolders) in any other sensible way?

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