On Fri, 2010-07-23 at 10:43 +0200, Christian Hilberg wrote:
> We would need the possibility to define extra D-Bus communication
> between Evo and E-D-S for that, right? 

I'll let Matt answer the rest of your mail, but before he gets to it
here are my two cents:

Camel (the mailer) is running in evolution process
EBookBackend (contacts) is running in e-addressbook-factory process
ECalBackend (calendar) is running in e-calendar-factory process

What I thought you'll do the easiest way was to define your own camel,
subclass of imap/imapx, and add some property of "source-type" to it,
which will lead folder showing on all of them. This camel part will be
compiled first, because you will need it in book/cal backends. Note
you'll have three simultaneous connections to your server, from three
different processes.

I do not think "moving mailer part to eds" would help you much, the time
where there was only one evolution-data-server-X.YZ process is gone :)

Evolution exchange had been also running as a separate process,
independently from evo and factories, some time back, which is very
similar to your proxy, but it wasn't working well, so it was also
rewritten in time of 2.29 (I think). Anyway, it is possible this way
too; you'll get less connections to your Kolab server, if nothing else.


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