Hi, everyone.

Thanks to all of your responses to my earlier postings, I'm starting to get a 
better overview on Evo/E-D-S internals.

The discussion about hiding certain IMAP folders based on server-side 
annotations made me think about an overall design idea. Matthew, in one of 
your postings you mentioned that there are long-term plans to move email 
handling into E-D-S and provide D-Bus access to that from Evolution.

This made me think whether we could "fake" something like this while Email 
handling has not yet moved to E-D-S. Will it be possible for us to implement 
some Proxy Camel provider which will run inside Evolution the way a real Camel 
Provider does? Instead of handling Email by itself, this Proxy Provider would 
instead make calls to a true Camel Provider running in the E-D-S process which 
would do the heavy lifting and return the results to the Proxy Provider in 
Evolution, which in turn would present them to the Evolution process.

We would need the possibility to define extra D-Bus communication between Evo 
and E-D-S for that, right?

Does this approach make any sense? Is it possible to implement this in a 

If it was possible, it would enable us to hide the non-Email-IMAP-Folders from 
Evolution and handle all Email from within our backend just by not propagating 
the full folder lists to the Proxy Provider. The issue with Kolab is that 
Email and PIM-Data are stored within the very same IMAP tree for each account, 
so it would probably lead to trouble to try and set up independent Camel 
providers for Email, Contacts and Calendar data since they would access (and 
cache) the same data on the IMAP server concurrently.

Having one true Camel Provider in the backend which will also be accessible 
from a Proxy Provider within Evo, these problems would be significantly 

Now, I'm really interested in getting to know your insights. :-)

Best regards,


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