On Thu, 2010-07-29 at 01:23 -0400, Paul Smith wrote:
> I wonder if Matthew or Milan or anyone have any thoughts on what the
> delay in Gnome 3.0 means for Evolution.
> Is the current git master buildable and usable without Gnome 3.0
> components?  Do you expect distros to build and ship both Gnome 2.x and
> 3.0 versions, to make transitions simpler?

We are already retaining GTK+ 2.x compatibility for MeeGo, so you can
still build all Evolution-related modules in a GNOME 2.30 environment.
Each module has an --enable-gtk3 configure option ('no' by default)
which selects an appropriate set of library dependencies.  All the
modules have to agree on this setting, however.

I had very much wanted to drop the GTK+ 2.x compatibility after
September's release, but I guess that's more of an open question now.

Since yesterday's announcement I've already made appropriate changes to
the wiki and to our code.  Beyond that I don't see much impact to our
development plan, other than having an extra six months now to complete
our stated goals:


The question of what distros should ship would be better posed to the
GNOME release team, although from what they've said publicly so far I
don't think even they have a clear picture.  Fedora 14 is moving full
steam ahead with a GTK+ 3.0 based desktop.  Ubuntu had already stated
their fear and uncertainty over GTK+ 3.0 even before yesterday, so I
imagine they'll stay with GTK+ 2.x.  I don't know what other distros
have planned.  But Evolution 2.32 should be usable for everyone.

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