On 29/07/2010 13:32, Matthew Barnes wrote:
> The question of what distros should ship would be better posed to the
> GNOME release team, although from what they've said publicly so far I
> don't think even they have a clear picture.  Fedora 14 is moving full
> steam ahead with a GTK+ 3.0 based desktop.  Ubuntu had already stated
> their fear and uncertainty over GTK+ 3.0 even before yesterday, so I
> imagine they'll stay with GTK+ 2.x.  I don't know what other distros
> have planned.  But Evolution 2.32 should be usable for everyone.
Speaking for Debian, the Squeeze plan is unchanged (we ship GNOME 2.30
anyway) so the GTK+ 3.0 transition will happen later. I guess we won't
--enable-gtk3 for 2.32 anyway.

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