Hi everyone.

Within our evolution-kolab plugin, we need to access the webserver part of 
Kolab to retrieve free-busy information (no more than simple GET requests 
needed, but with authentication - as far as we can see atm ;-). The Kolab 
webserver will answer the GET request with an iCal file containing the free-

Using the Camel.HttpStream should do the trick - is that correct? I've seen 
the Camel.HttpStream being used within Anjal (file em-format-mail.c). Is this 
Camel HTTP part being used somewhere else as well (to be used as another 

We would also need to be able to encrypt the HTTP connection using the Mozilla 
NSS infrastructure. When using  "https://";, the Camel.HttpStream will make use 
of the TcpStreamSSL which in turn uses NSS, is this information still valid? 
The motivation for my question is that the webserver may ask for a client 
certificate which will be handled by NSS, so we most probably cannot switch to 
any other mechanism here.

Best regards, and happily accepting input on the issue,


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