We had discussed about merging the collaborative providers such as
evolution-exchange, evolution-mapi, groupwise, kolab and evolution-ews
(on development) into a single package in previous community meeting.
There are certain advantages and some concern areas in it, let me
summarize them on what we discussed in the community meeting

Advantages of having the providers in a single package:
+ All the API updates can be adapted to the providers and made sure all
the providers compile.
+ Packagers can looks for updates from one package rather than
evolution-groupwise, evolution-exchange, evolution-ews, evolution-kolab

Concern areas:
+ We may have to be pruning some backends if there are no bug fixes and
if its not kept alive (for eg: google backend was replaced with caldav
for the same reason)
+ The bugs from various packages have to be moved to a single package in

Of-course some authors third-party external backends may not be
interested or may not be possible due to some licencing issues. But we
can at-least facilitate it if the authors and evolution maintainers are
interested in maintaining it.

The other solution was to maintain all exchange providers in a single
package, merging evolution-exchange, evolution-ews and evolution-mapi
into a single package. Other collaboration providers like
evolution-groupwise and evolution-kolab (yet to be upstreamed) will
remain as separate packages.

My personal opinion is to club all the collaboration providers into a
single package would be good. It would be good if we discuss the pro's
and con's more deeper and involve packagers as well while moving on to a

Thanks, Chenthill.

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