On Mon, 2010-10-18 at 12:10 +0530, chen wrote:
> The other solution was to maintain all exchange providers in a single
> package, merging evolution-exchange, evolution-ews and evolution-mapi
> into a single package. Other collaboration providers like
> evolution-groupwise and evolution-kolab (yet to be upstreamed) will
> remain as separate packages.

If we -have- to glob providers together I would prefer the alternate
solution: merge all the Exchange providers into one git module, break
GroupWise out from E-D-S into it's own git module, and leave the rest

This is not unlike the recent gnome-games debate on desktop-devel-list,
except that we already have shared libraries for the common parts with
fairly stable APIs (libebook, libecal, etc.).

Jon's comments on the gnome-games issue reflect my own for this one:

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