On lun., 2010-11-22 at 11:47 -0500, Matthew Barnes wrote:
>    Use secure connection: SSL encryption
>                           TLS encryption
>                           No encryption
> But the backends that offer those choices all have a very different
> interpretation of them:
>    Use secure connection: Always
>                           When Possible
>                           Never
> First of all, why the disparity between the combo box label (first set)
> and the actual meaning (second set)?  I've never understood why I need
> to choose between SSL and TLS encryption in the first place.  Changing
> these combo box labels to match their actual meaning strikes me as an
> obvious improvement to help clarify things, or am I missing something
> that's supposed to be implied by choosing between SSL and TLS? 

As I understood it, SSL meant a tunneled connection over SSL/TLS, using
the relevant port (995/pops, 993/imaps, 465/smtps, 636/ldaps). TLS means
STARTTLS over a normal connection, so usually using the standard port

It's still quite confusing, especially since SSL is called TLS now since
quite some time.


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