Yours truly is an idiot.  Branch != release version.

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Hello Evolution-Hackers,

My employer's primary email system is Exchange 2007.  I am trying to build the 
most current dev check-in of Evolution in the hopes of being able to connect 
reliably to the Exchange server so I can stop rdp-ing into a windows machine to 
use Outlook ( we use calendaring/tasks/etc. heavily, so imap access in Evo is 
not sufficient for use).

I am using the script provided by Paul Smith, and everything goes well until 
the script tries to c/o and build evolution-data-server, where I receive the 

Running git check for evolution-data-server
No branch 2-91-2 for evolution-data-server

At which point the script halts.
I can manually git clone evo-data-server, but that hoses the script and I am 
not good enough to hack the script.
I've been to the git page and seen that there is indeed a 2.91.2 branch, so I'm 
not sure how to progress on this one.

Thanks all,

Vale T. Kenny, Assistant Director, Advancement Services IS
Drexel University / 3200 Race Street / Philadelphia, PA  19104
desk: 215.895.6912 / fax: 215.895.4966

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