On Mon, 2010-11-29 at 19:23 +0000, Herbert Stiftler wrote:

> in my company we use an Exchange server 2003. As I'm planning to
> switching to ubuntu, I'm interested in using evolution for email.
> As i see, there are two options to connect to exchange server:
> evolution-mapi and evolution-exchange
> - What are the differences between them?
> - Which one is more stable?
> - Which one is more complete?
> - Which one you would suggest to use?

Evolution-exchange is far and away the more stable and complete, and
it's definitely the one you should use.  I had no problems with this
backend for the last year or so that I used it; it was very stable and

The evolution-mapi backend is (IMO) barely usable (it's NOT usable for
me, and I have very minimal needs: just email and basic group
calendaring).  I'm not sure it works with Exchange 2003 at all.

Here's the trick: evolution-exchange will not work with Exchange 2007 or
above: it's a dead-end project in that sense.  So you're in luck since
you have Exchange 2003: use evolution-exchange and be happy.

And you can hope that by the time your IT guys decide to update to
Exchange 2007, the exchange-mapi backend will be working.


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