I have found following commit in evolution-data-server:
commit 9a0d409d5005706c5e52891f4cb37e30f22cb76d
Author: Federico Mena Quintero <feder...@novell.com>
Date:   Wed Jul 14 15:15:01 2010 -0500

   New method CamelTcpStream::get_file_desc()
This returns a (PRFileDesc *). We will make CamelTcpStream derivates deal only in PRFileDesc objects, instead of plain FDs. This will allow us to implement TCP socket functionality only once, instead of twice - one for raw streams, one
   for SSL streams.  Mainly this will let us have a raw stream and then an
   SSL stream overlaid on that one.

After this commit, "prio.h" is included unconditionally so that evolution-data-server depends on nspr and "disable-ssl" doesn't work any more. It's okay for normal distribution, but we'd like to keep the simplicity in embed world.

Is it a valid limitation, and is there any possible fix for it?

Thanks in advance,

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