When creating a new local calendar or memo list or task list there's an
option for choosing your own iCalendar file and among _those_ settings
are choices for how and when to check the file for changes: "On open",
"On file change" and "Periodically".

"On open" is implied with all choices -- obviously we have to read the
file to initially display the components in it.  "On file change" uses a
GFileMonitor to alert us about changes.  And "Periodically" uses a timer
with an interval of the user's choosing.

My question is can we do away with these refresh choices and just use a
GFileMonitor always?

I can't come up with any use cases where you would NOT want to use a
file monitor.  If the operating system doesn't support file monitoring,
or if the file is on a file system that doesn't support file monitoring,
GIO falls back to polling the file at regular intervals anyway.

Any objections?

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