On Sun, 2011-02-06 at 09:00 -0500, Matthew Barnes wrote:
> My question is can we do away with these refresh choices and just use
> a GFileMonitor always?

please keep them there. The "On Open" is meant for static files, and
means "Only On Open and never again". 

> I can't come up with any use cases where you would NOT want to use a
> file monitor.  If the operating system doesn't support file
> monitoring, or if the file is on a file system that doesn't support
> file monitoring, GIO falls back to polling the file at regular
> intervals anyway.

And that's what is wrong with it. I do not know the polling interval,
chosen by gio developers, but I prefer to be able to set the polling
time myself, for fine-tuning. Not talking about unnecessary network
traffic for those (rather rare?) cases.

All three options are used for different purposes and use cases, to be
able to configure one writer and multiple readers, for example, because
there is done no file-locking and such.

What is a gain in removing these options, simpler UI? Then pack it under
"Advanced Options" collapseable section, together with readonly access
and maybe others, based on your wish.

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