Preface: rather than continuing to use private mail, I'd like to start
 using a proper mailing list for people working on our Exchange Web
 Services plugin. I thought briefly about setting up a new list, but
 decided that the evo-hackers list was probably a better place.

 I think it's useful to work "in the open" rather than having each team
 who are working on a plugin do so in their own private list without us
 all talking to each other and being aware of what's going on elsewhere.

 If anyone really objects to ususing the evo-hackers list for this
 purpose, please say so, and we'll consider switching to a new list
 for evo-ews. I'd rather not do that, though.

I've just added code to include an X-EVOLUTION-CHANGEKEY property in
calendar items fetched from EWS. This is required for any subsequent
modification to those items.

You'll need to throw away your calendar cache and let it get refetched:
 rm -rf ~/.cache/evolution/calendar/ews*

Then you should find that at least discarding alarms should work. If you
have killed e-calendar-factory and you're running it from a terminal
with EWS_DEBUG=2 so that you can see its traffic, you should see it
clearing the MeetingIsSet property when you dismiss an alarm, and you
should no longer get notified of the same alarm when you start Outlook.


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