On Wed, 2011-03-02 at 08:11 -0500, Matthew Barnes wrote:
> Also, I'd encourage developers to post the occasional status update to
> the list.  Nothing formal, and at your own discretion.  

This is probably a good enough time for us to do that for evo-ews.

If you clone the tree from git://git.infradead.org/evolution-ews.git
then you should be able to build it on a stock Evolution 2.32 system
(for example Fedora 14) and use it against an Exchange 2007+ server.

It's working nicely in read-only mode and I've been doing that to read
all my company email for the last few weeks, and can view my company
calendar that way too.

There are two things I think need fixing before I'd really suggest that
people use it 'in anger', but which aren't *really* showstoppers:

 - Tell the server about messages having been read, so they don't appear
   as unread in IMAP/Outlook. And deletion too, I suppose.

 - Make it handle 'variance' of recurring meetings — for example if a
   single instance of a recurring meeting is deleted, or rescheduled.
   We don't show those exceptions yet.

It also doesn't let you send mail yet; I'm still using SMTP for that
(and IMAP for writing the Fcc to the mail store).

But for someone who wants to be an 'early adopter' and try it, it's
certainly feasible right now. Even if you just look at the things we
*think* we've done, and heckle when we've got things wrong, that's still


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