On Fri, 2011-04-01 at 23:46 +0100, David Woodhouse wrote: 
> Thus the patch below. Anyone got a better suggestion for how to handle
> it? A patch to actually use this facility in the NTLM authenticator will
> follow, of course...
> One alternative approach might be to to stop letting the authenticators
> look at service->url->passwd, and instead have an 'authenticate' signal
> on the CamelSasl object, much the same way as libsoup does it.
> But then I think we'd still have to have the users know somehow if that
> authenticate signal had been called on the first attempt, to know when
> to set the CAMEL_SESSION_PASSWORD_REPROMPT flag, etc. I suspect it would
> be a lot of extra work for something that doesn't really end up looking
> any prettier by the time it's working.
> Hence the 'try_empty_password' flag, which is relatively simple.

I think the flags approach is fine.

Long as you're breaking ABI (which is perfectly okay right now), you
might consider combining the 'try_empty_password' and 'needs_password'
booleans into a single CamelServiceAuthFlags enum to future-proof the
ABI a little.

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