On Fri, 2011-04-01 at 19:30 -0400, Matthew Barnes wrote:
> I think the flags approach is fine.
> Long as you're breaking ABI (which is perfectly okay right now), you
> might consider combining the 'try_empty_password' and 'needs_password'
> booleans into a single CamelServiceAuthFlags enum to future-proof the
> ABI a little. 

Thanks for the feedback. In fact, on closer inspection of how I'd
actually implement this in the camel-sasl-ntlm code, I see I'd end up
with something like this in camel_sasl_ntlm_class_init() to override the
try_empty_password flag if the helper seems to be available:

#ifndef G_OS_WIN32
        if (!access (NTLM_AUTH_HELPER, X_OK))
                camel_sasl_ntlm_authtype.try_empty_password = TRUE;

I don't like that much; I think I'd prefer to have a new method in the
CamelSaslClass, and a corresponding camel_sasl_can_empty_password()
method. That way, we can actually try spawning ntlm_auth at the right
time and see if it *currently* knows our password. Never any need to
restart Evolution to get the newly-installed auth helper to be noticed,
no false positives when it's *present* but doesn't know the password,

That makes it slightly more fun in the provider code, but not much. Will
look at that and post a revised RFC patch later today, when I have more
that one hand.


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