Hi there,

        I have (perhaps) an unusal setup - I get mail to an IMAP inbox, and
then filter much of it off to local storage, and move the rest manually
as I need to.

        I have around 1000 mostly short, text only messages in my IMAP inbox;
and yet:

du -m 
  | tail -n 1

        2.5 Gb is a tad large for that.

        Interestingly, the side-panel says "760 unread, 876 total", whereas the
right-click->properties says:

        Unread messages          760
        Total messages          2711

        and of course, I've got "synchronise for off-line use" set.

        So ... how should I go about debugging that ? I assume that blowing
away the entire folders directory there, and just re-building it from
the server is the easy/cheating hack-around the problem but ...

        Thoughts appreciated.



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