Hi everyone.

While working on the evolution-kolab plugin, we found that there is no direct 
support in ECalComponent for attachments inlined into calendar objects. Thus, 
so far, we can cope with attachments inlined into Kolab calendar objects by 
hiding them in private ical fields. That way, we can preserve the attachment 
when writing back some calendar object to the Kolab server which has one 
attached. The drawback, however, is that we can access this (ical-private) 
attachment data via ECalComponent neither for reading nor for writing - it 
will just be invisible to the evolution-kolab plugin user, and they will get 
no indication that an object carries attachment data (they might just wonder 
why it takes much time retrieving and storing the object).

We could use Evolution's file-link attachment mechanism by writing into Evos 
file cache from the backend and placing the file paths into the ECalComponent 
when reading calendar objects from the Kolab server, and read attachment file 
data from this same cache when creating a new object with attached files. We 
found a whole lot of issues with this approach (at least for Evo2.30), which I 
can detail if anyone is interested.

Before trying anything with the at-least-problematic file cache approach, I 
thought I'll go ahead and see whether there is anything in the plannings 
regarding supporting inlined file attachments directly with ECalComponent in 
latest Evo versions. So far, I did not find anything related on the plannings 
pages. I'm not clear whether this has been discussed before or whether there 
are any current plans of extending ECalComponent to support inlined 
attachments directly (in which case a rather simple change to Evo would allow 
for supporing inlined attachments in a clean way).

I'd like to know your opinions / ideas / ... on that matter.



PS.:    For those who followed the short discussion of the issue on
        #evolution yesterday, I thought it would be better to record
        the discussion on the list, so please feel free to paste your
        thoughts here again - just for the record :)

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