Hi everyone.

Since the last announcement of the evolution-kolab team here on the list, our 
source code (hosted at http://evolution-kolab.sourceforge.net/) has seen some 
more polishing and now compiles on Debian/Squeeze in addition to Ubuntu/Lucid. 
We will make available a (source) release 0.0.13 soon, which contains the 
fixes for Squeeze.
  Next week will see some performance improvements over the current state, and 
by the end of next week, I am planning to have the post-0.0.13 release ready.

The code base has received quite some testing (under Ubuntu/Lucid) already, 
mainly in the area of Kolab inter-client compatibility. Online and offline 
operational modes are working, including conflict resolution. More testing is 
always welcome, of course.

The evolution-kolab team now feels that we have reached a state where we can 
begin working towards upstream integration. During the planning and coding 
phases so far, we aligned all of our project decisions with the Evolution team 
as closely as our time schedule and resources permitted. This was done in 
order to promote for an easy upstream integration process. We would like to 
thank everyone here who helped us in the various aspects of creating a new 
Evolution plugin.

We would very much like to be hosted at gnome.org with our project. 
SourceForge is a nice breeding platform, but we feel it is a little too far 
away from GNOME, and since we are a true GNOME project, we think it would be 
nice to add evolution-kolab directly to the Evolution project at its GNOME 

The first step could be to create an evolution-kolab git repository at 
gnome.org, at least this is what came to my mind instantly. In order to get 
the prerequisites right, I have applied for a GNOME account with git access. 
This has been vouched for by the Evolution team (thanks, Matt), and I have 
received confirmation from the GNOME account management team today.

Since neither my kernel concepts evolution-kolab team mates nor myself have 
done upstream integration for an Evolution plugin yet, I would like to know 
how we should best proceed from here. If there is any reading we should have 
done prior to further acting, we'll gladly accept pointers to the relevant 
documents. David (or anyone else involved there), I heard that you did the 
same with your EWS team recently, so if there are any lessons-learned which we 
should heed to, we will also be happy to know. Long story short, we will just 
be happy for any directing through this process so we can get through it 

Thanks a lot in advance,
Kind regards,


kernel concepts GbR        Tel: +49-271-771091-14
Sieghuetter Hauptweg 48
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