On Friday, 15 July 2011, Matthew Barnes wrote:
> Sorry for the delayed response...

NP at all, thanks for your input!

> [...] 
> The process really isn't as formal as the wiki makes it out to be.
> Because you're an extension module for an application that has already
> met these requirements, and because you're using a compatible license, I
> think for the most part you're grandfathered in.

Sounds fine. Just wanted to make sure we don't miss something important.
> > From there, I took the hop to http://live.gnome.org/CopyrightAssignment
> > and found myself puzzled again. :) Of how much relevance are the details
> > listed there for an Evolution plugin? Our source is LGPL v2.1+, the user
> > docs and stuff are CC BY-SA ... so, are any details of that copyright
> > stuff applicable to us?
> Obviously IANAL, but I believe as long as you're not engaged in such
> nefarious activities as requiring outside evolution-kolab contributors
> to hand over copyrights of their own code to you or your organization,
> or are holding or seeking patents on parts of the evolution-kolab code,
> there shouldn't be anything to worry about.

Honest LGPL v2.1+, no tricks, no pitfalls. We're not evil(tm).  ;-)

> [...] 
> Translations will come when the project is added to Damned Lies
> (http://l10n.gnome.org/).  Long as the software is set up to receive
> translations using gettext and intltool, which you said below it is,
> you're fine.

Yep. The gettext/intltool infrastructure needs some "love" still, but that 
should cause no harm.

> > From there, the hop was to
> > http://live.gnome.org/ReleasePlanning/ModuleProposing and the following
> > questions arose:
> > * does evolution-kolab as an Evo plugin need to go through the module
> > proposal cycle?
> [...] 
> > * "Judgement Criteria" ... can I deduce from what is listed there, that
> > evolution-kolab
> [...] 
> Again, because you're an extension module for an application that has
> already passed this process, I think you're pretty much grandfathered
> in.  Maybe check with the release team about jhbuild, but otherwise I
> see no need for evolution-kolab to undergo this process.  Just start
> uploading release tarballs when you're ready.

Very well. jhbuild will be waiting for us somewhere farther down the road 

Thanks for the insights. We should be fine to continue from here.
Kind regards,


PS.:    I'll be on leave for a month, so I'll be able to continue with
        this topic only after returning from vacation and and being back
        inside my cubicle. Most likely, there will be some bugs and issues
        waiting for me to fix them, so I can just as well fix them first
        and push upstream next.

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