I have asked this question before, and researched this point until I
am "smurfy" (iow, blue in the face).
1) Why did you remove "Remove Duplicate emails" from the e-plugins?
2) Is it active in Evo 3.0.2 (which I am trying to figure out how to
install in Ubuntu)?

It would seem important for Evo... a "mainstream" email application at
least in the Linux/GNOME world... to leave the "Remove Duplicate
emails" e-plugin available... just make it unactivated, but leave it a
checkmark away. :)

Today, I decided to just lay this question/suggestion/discussion on
the line, and I cross-posted this thread because the "hackers" list is
where the programmers hang out.  I used Paul Smith's Makefile to
download the source for 3.0.2... but I cannot figure how to get ggit
or qgit to download the evo git... and ready to upload if it is
decided that my code is acceptable when I tweak Evo into having
RemDups again. ;)

I am using Ubuntu as my OS, so I am stuck by default on Evo 2.32.2
(which crashes regularly, and creates "bug-buddy" reports regularly
which are apparently being ignored since Ubuntu won't move to a more
current version of Evo).

Thank you,
Barry Smith
v 980-819-7397
c 704-497-4217
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