I still find myself occasionally pointing users to the little shell
script Srini wrote some years ago to vacuum out all your folders.db.
Since moving to XDG base dirs I've kept an updated version of it here:


Usually after running the script, users report that Evolution feels fast
and responsive again.

Evolution really needs to be doing this on its own periodically, but I
would rather the user not be aware of it.  So no new pop-up dialogs or
info bars or anything like that.

I thought a natural place to tie a database cleansing into would be a
folder expunge (and also File -> Empty Trash), something most users do
every now and then already -- or at least something we could instruct
them to do directly within Evolution.

Plus, users are already accustomed to a short delay when emptying trash,
so a little extra delay there should be pretty inconspicuous.


Matthew Barnes

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