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> I still find myself occasionally pointing users to the little shell
> script Srini wrote some years ago to vacuum out all your folders.db.
> Since moving to XDG base dirs I've kept an updated version of it here:
> http://mbarnes.fedorapeople.org/evolution-rebuild-summarydb 
> Usually after running the script, users report that Evolution feels fast
> and responsive again.
> Evolution really needs to be doing this on its own periodically, but I
> would rather the user not be aware of it.  So no new pop-up dialogs or
> info bars or anything like that.
> I thought a natural place to tie a database cleansing into would be a
> folder expunge (and also File -> Empty Trash), something most users do
> every now and then already -- or at least something we could instruct
> them to do directly within Evolution.
> Plus, users are already accustomed to a short delay when emptying trash,
> so a little extra delay there should be pretty inconspicuous.
> Thoughts?

sqlite is used  by not just Evo. But by other applications like Firefox, 
chromium, too.

In openSUSE we found a solution 
http://gitorious.org/opensuse/vacuumizer/blobs/master/vacuumizer to do this via 
a script.

May be the disros can run this script once a month on gdm logging in, so that 
all applications can be benefitted.


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