It's been awhile since I've posted a progress update on this branch, but
I just wanted to mention that as of this weekend I think I finally have
Evolution pretty much wrapped up now and am moving on to the groupware
modules starting with Evolution-EWS, since I'm also on the hook for
integrating EWS with the new Exchange support in GNOME Online Accounts.

I'm sure I'll have more tweaks and bug fixes for Evolution and E-D-S,
especially since I haven't really handled groupware accounts under the
new ESource API yet, although I've tried to anticipate what we'll need.

I already have patches written for the GNOME Shell calendar and GNOME
Panel calendar applets, and have alerted the Telepathy/Folks developers
about the upcoming breaks [1].  I tried to patch the E-D-S Folks backend
myself but my feeble Vala skills just aren't up to the task.

So I think I'm on track to merge this branch during this cycle, though I
dare not predict a merge date just yet.  I think once I finish off EWS
I'll have a much more accurate sense of the remaining work ahead of me.

I rebased both Evo and EDS branches on 3.5.1 today, so feel free to try
them out if you're curious.  Just be cautious of the account migration:
it's a one-way trip.  Maybe test it on a different user account for now.

Matthew Barnes


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