On Fri, 2012-12-14 at 04:54 +0100, Sasa Ostrouska wrote:
> Hi I know this is not direclty related to hacking on evolution, but I
> would like to ask one advice.
> I have about 5Gb of e-mails on my laptop which I use for work, and it
> is still on evolution 2.26.3.
> I would like to migrate now this stuff to evolution 3.6.x
> What is the best way to do that ?
> Simply upgrading evolution seems not to work, as it starts the wizard
> as if .evolution dir doesnt exist.

If all you want to do is mail then it seems like it wouldn't be a bad
idea to make an 'external' local account (maildir or mbox [not certain
what is available in 2.26]) and then just copy all your mail.  Upgrade.
'Reconnect' the new evolution to that account.

For contacts you can also select them all, save to a VCF file, and then
import that VCF files.  That isn't bad as a backup in any case.

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