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> Hi,
> Hopefully i am putting my question in right mailing list.

Yep! :)

> I was trying to look into the root cause of the
> BUG(https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=903166) as i believe
> my environment is the best one to reproduce the issue.After doing a
> lot of R&D my intuition says that it is a memory corruption issue. I
> looked into the openchange code (specially libmapi code1.0.4) and
> found that function 
> "nspi_ResolveNamesW"  is returning a NT_STATUS not actually the
> MAPISTATUS. Thus we were getting some VAGUE pop up. I am investigating
> further.
> While doing investigation i reached to the mapi function, named
> "e_mapi_connection_init". After that i am not able to search who is
> the caller of that function. I did not found and dlopen/close thing as
> well.
> Thus it would be really helpful if you give some pointer regarding the
> caller of that function.

Can you set a breakpoint and generate a backtrace (gdb)?


I've never done it with Evolution / MAPI code.  But generally that is
what I would do to discover

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