Hi everyone,
after talk with Milan we decided to merge webkit-composer branch into
master on Monday, June 9, 2014.

Best regards

On Po, 2014-03-17 at 09:25 +0100, Tomas Popela wrote:
> Hi Evolution hackers,
> as some of you probably know, I'm continuing with work on new Evolution
> composer based on WebKit (WebKit1) and I want to share with you the
> current status and the future of new composer.
> Right now, the composer takes place in wip/webkit-composer branch in
> Evolution git repository [0]. For compiling it you need just the
> evolution-data-server from master.
> What the composer really needs right now is testing. It needs a lots of
> testing. The currently opened bugs against WebKit based composer can be
> found in [1]. If you will open a new bug against new composer (and I
> really hope you will) please prefix its summary with [webkit-composer].
> In the
> time of creation of this mail (03/16/2014) the new composer lacks the
> support for Undo and Redo and broken plain text part in
> multipart/alternative when sending HTML mail (working on this right
> now). These are the major issues that we know about and if there are
> more issues I really hope that you will help me hunting them. One tip
> for spotting bugs, if you will see red star somewhere in composer and
> you will be able to reproduce process to show it in the composer please
> report it as something went wrong during save and restore of the caret
> position.
> Regarding the future of WebKit based Evolution composer I'm proposing
> this: merge webkit-composer branch into master when the 3.12 release
> will be branched and continue to work on it in master branch. This will
> hopefully bring more testers for the new composer. When the code will be
> in master I will continue to develop it and also porting it to WebKit2
> with the rest of Evolution.
> Thank you
> Tom
> [0] - https://git.gnome.org/browse/evolution/log/?h=wip/webkit-composer
> [1] - http://ur1.ca/gvb12 

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