On Wed, 2016-02-24 at 10:34 +0100, Tobias Mueller wrote:
> Do you think it would be something for the upcoming Summer of Code or
> Outreachy rounds?

it depends. It's not a large change, but not a tiny too. It also
depends how one would solve this.

My not so simple idea on this is:
a) using File->New->Mail Account to create "corporate-like" accounts
   doesn't feel right, even the addons like evolution-ews and
   evolution-mapi do that
b) a better option would be to add a new Edit->Server Accounts (the
   wording is awful, I know), where you fill only User name and E-Mail
   (or server domain, if not email), and then the wizard will check
   what that domain offers based on the SVR records, well-known HTTPs
   entry points and so on and offers to add all sources it'll find
   for the user, thus you gen not only Mail, but also Contacts,
   Calendar, Memos and Tasks, if the server supports it. Furthermore,
   users will be able to manage which sources should be visible in
   the UI (offered to other evolution-data-server clients) here, not
   like it is done currently, where you get all or nothing.

Having a working prototype would not be that hard, but fine tune it
will be harder. Part of the fine-tuning will be also the extensibility
of the new Server Account dialog, to be able to attach custom
autodiscovery methods to it.
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